Viewing Webcams

Webcam viewing requires that you are running Windows Internet Explorer

To view a webcam, an ActiveX Control must be installed. When trying to display a video for the first time, a Security Warning window will display. When using Windows XP or Windows 2000, log in as an administrator to install it.

If you cannot install ActiveX Controls or you cannot see the video in Internet Explorer.

Click [Tools]
Click [Internet Options]
Click [Security] tab
Click [Custom Level] on the web browser
Check "Prompt" in "Download signed ActiveX Controls".
Check "Enable" in "Run ActiveX Controls and plug-ins".

Notice to Windows 7 and 8 Users 

Generally to view the webcam using Internet Explorer, the Compatibility View must be activated.  To activate, click Tools, Compatibility View, and Add this website.


Notice to Windows XP Users, Using SP2

Microsoft's Service Pack 2 (SP2) for Windows XP Adds several features that enhance your PC's security. The Pop-Up blocker can negatively affect the the installation of ActiveX Controls needed to view webcams.

Once SP2 is installed and the Pop-Up blocker is enabled, a thin yellow bar will appear across the top of your web browser window each time your PC is requested to download a file. This alert does not necessarilly indicate something bad is about to take place, but, to proceed you must click on the yellow bar.

The bar will have text that says "This site might require the following ActiveX Control: ' from 'Panasonic Communications Co., Ltd.', Click to install...".

After you click this bar a small menu will appear, click on "Install ActiveX Control...".

A Security Warning window will appear. Click on Install. The ActiveX Control will now install an you should now be able to view our webcams.

To download Active X Control manually "Click Here".